Read what other clients are saying about “Ahead of the Curve” by Bonnie B. Matheson:

Reading Ahead of the Curve is like having a fairy godmother at your shoulder who says, “Go for it, bend a few rules, create a new chapter in these bonus decades of good health in the second half of life.”

— Abigail Trafford/Author of As Time Goes By

Bonnie B. Matheson has true passion for women’s issues.  Her fresh ideas and positive attitude will benefit women everywhere.  Read her book of edgy advice on how to bring joy to your later years and remake your brain for a glorious second act.

– Candace Pert, PhD/Author of Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good

The Oracle commanded “know thy self.”  Polonius demanded “to thine self be true.” But Bonnie B. Matheson in her radiant tales of self-efficacy says it best: “own yourself’.”

— Walter M.Bortz II, MD/Author of Dare to Be 100 and We Live Too Short and Die Too Long

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